Always the Journey podcast Episode No. 2

In this episode, Jason Woodland interviews Wil Bown. We speak about VR, AR, AI, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. We also make some predictions for the future and talk about a $17,000 sandwich!

Wil has been working as a contract software engineer for over 23 years. He almost single-handedly developed the Mozaex Media Server which did over $30 million in sales. A local Bitcoin activist, he has been mining cryptocurrencies since 2011, is the organizer of the 500+ member Utah Bitcoin Community meetup, won top prize at the Million Dollar Texas Bitcoin Conference hackathon in 2015, contributed code to main fork Bitcoin, and has been involved in several bitcoin startup projects. Wil considers himself an old school Cyberpunk and hopes to gradually merge his mind directly with machines and to help build strong artificial intelligence.

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